Arlington Lions Club Ramp

Wayne B Stevens (Ortega Farms Blvd)

The Wayne B Stevens Boat Ramp is located along Fishing Creek in the Ortega Farms section of southwest Jacksonville and the creek flows into the Ortega River about two thousand feet downstream from the ramp. In addition to this it gives you access to some of the best fishing in all of Florida. Initially platted as farm size lots in 1910, Ortega Farms was replatted in 1937. The City purchased the land for the boat ramp in 1972. Originally known as the Fishing Creek Boat Landing, so the new facility contained three boat ramps in October 1974. While three Jacksonville police officers were ocean fishing east of Mayport in March 1975, their boat capsized and Wayne B. Stevens (1949-1975) drowned. Soon thereafter, the ramp was renamed in his honor. However since the introduction of the name change the ramp has seen increased usage year in and year out. 

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Why we do what we do

Jacksonville is home to thousands of boaters and anglers alike. Therefore we know that ramps can get backed up before even the sun comes up. Most importantly you need to be able to get your boat into the water in a timely manor. However before we started US Boat Ramps there was no way to check if you could easily put your boat in the water. In conclusion we got some of the best minds and technology together and made live streaming 24/7 possibly.  

We were tired of always being stuck at the ramp. For instance one time a team member of ours waited over 4 hours to put his boat into the water. After that we decided as avid boaters of Jacksonville there has to be answer. As a result of this incident we started buying cameras and started the prototype. After that we reached out to the city of Jacksonville to partner and allow us to put our cameras up at all the public ramps in the area. In conclusion we now have live video feeds of ramps in Jacksonville of over 10 ramps.

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